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The Vogue models across new caravans and motorhomes are exclusive to Spinney, providing our customers with the highest specification of a selected number of models. For 2019 we have the largest Vogue selection to date, including new ranges across four brands. Our new Vogue models feature caravans and motorhomes from market leading, British manufacturers, including Swift, Bailey, Coachman and Elddis.

Our Vogue caravans and motorhomes have been designed to provide our customers with the best models without having to pay for extra add-ons and packs. With over 40 years of experience, we have created these specifications and interiors to provide exclusive models that you really want. With three new ranges across Elddis motorhomes and a new Swift caravan range, here at Spinney we aim to provide our customers with the best motorhomes possible with our Vogue editions.

Vogue Bailey Phoenix

A new range for 2019, Bailey has launched its Phoenix caravan range which is now available as a dealer special here at Spinney. With these caravans catering up to six people, the additional extras in the Vogue range allow you to make the most of the family time you have together and to enjoy the caravan without compromise. For family meals, the addition of an external BBQ point, electric hotplate and worktop extension means you aren’t restricted to anything.

  • External BBQ Point
  • Electric Hotplate
  • Worktop Extension
  • Remis Pleated Blinds
  • + much more!
Coachman Vogue VIP and Laser

Exclusive to Spinney, the Coachman VIP Vogue has been expertly designed by British manufacturer Coachman Caravans. Its flagship single-axle caravan range has been upgraded even further with the addition of the Vogue pack, featuring specifications such as Vogue decals, exclusive silver sides and a solar panel.

  • Exclusive Silver Sides
  • Solar Panel
  • Vogue Decals
  • Long Sunroof
  • + much more!
Elddis Vogue Accordo

A new addition to Spinney’s Vogue range, the Elddis Accordo Vogue offers not only the upgrades of the original van, but plenty of added extras across the Vogue pack. The 2019 motorhome range features plenty of upgrades as part of the Vogue range to present you with the best motorhome possible. The Vogue model offers new exterior graphics and new upholstery and soft furnishings to provide a unique Accordo motorhome available only from Spinney.

  • Upgraded Exterior Graphics
  • Auto Lights and Wipers
  • Solar Panel
  • Reversing Camera
  • + much more!
Elddis Vogue Autoquest

The Autoquest range is one of the best-selling UK ranges with stylish design and premium layouts providing plenty of space throughout each model. As part of the Vogue range you can experience an arsenal of additions and extra features to make this motorhome the best it can be, with the Lux pack and Vogue pack as part of the Vogue specifications.

  • Skyview Rooflight Above Cab
  • Vogue Logo in Step Mats, Shower Carpets, and Cab Carpets
  • Cab Blinds
  • Silver One-Piece GRP Sides
  • + much more!
Elddis Vogue Camper

The Elddis Camper Vogue models allow you to experience the all-new van conversion range from Elddis with the high-specification benefits from the Vogue pack and the included Lux pack. With the two new models in the range, you can make the most of whichever you choose. Features included in the special edition models include cruise control, reversing camera and upgraded soft furnishings to provide a unique experience in the new Elddis Camper Vogue.

  • Motorhome Alarm System
  • Engine Upgrade to 130bhp
  • Upgraded Upholstery and Soft Furnishings
  • Alloy Wheels
  • + much more!
Vogue Swift Escape

The Swift Escape Vogue provides a distinct Vogue motorhome, with an exterior varying the original, including grey cab and bumper paired with black headlight bezels, front grille and skid plate. For 2019, the Vogue models include the all new Escape Compact, allowing you to benefit from the Vogue upgrades in a smaller motorhome. Only available at Spinney, alongside the Vogue pack the Swift Escape Vogue models also include the Comfort pack worth over £1,500.

  • Graphite Grey Cab and Bumper
  • 16” Alloys
  • Pull Out Awning
  • Techno Silver Dash Kit
  • + much more!
Vogue Swift Sprite

A new Vogue range for 2019, here at Spinney we have looked to make the most out of the multitude of Swift Sprite models. Swift Sprite Alpine, Major, Quattro, and even the new Super models come with new packs and specifications under the Vogue special editions. Throughout the Swift Sprite Vogue models, you will find the Diamond pack and Sunroof Panoramic as standard alongside the Vogue pack additions.

  • Diamond Pack
  • Panoramic Sunroof
  • ATC Trailer Control
  • Solar Panel
  • + much more!


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